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The price is per meter

Life (Life) Line 

It consists of ropes covered with plastic material that provides high visibility on 5mm steel wire (multi-wire).

As coated  rope diameter is 7mm. 

* Rope tensile strength approx. 1,800 lb.

* Reflectors: They are mounted on the line at intervals of 10 meters, one side is green and the other side is red, and their dimensions are 50x100mm. Escape direction shows green, reverse direction shows red.

* Reflector plates are mounted in such a way that the connection forms to the life line, the reflectors remain in an upright position in any case.

* Conical direction indicators: They will be located on the coil at intervals of 10 meters, have a diameter of 45mm and a length of 50mm, and there are 6 reflector bands on it.

* Suspension rope and connection piece: The clip part to be attached to the rope to be used for mounting the main rope to the ceiling is made of plastic material and is hung every 8 meters.

* Sphere indicator: There are 2 pieces in a 100-meter coil, its diameter is 68mm.

* Tension lock: There is 1 on each coil to tension the lifeline.

* Special purpose indicators

* Spiral line: The line showing the 25 meter long escape room on the lifeline.

* Two cones opposite each other: Indicates the OFK station.


SKU: HH100